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In my videos and podcasts, I offer my insight on a variety of topics from unconventional marketing avenues, to health and business goals. If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover next, I invite you to write to me.

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Josef Azam - CBC Radio Let's Go With Sabrina Marandola

Today is World Wrestling Day. We are taking a closer look at two Montreal powerhouses that are changing the way people see the sport. The wrestlers, Samara Dhanesar and Joy Sepieh, join us along with their coach, Josef Azam. They are part of the Riverdale Wrestling Club in Pierrefonds.

How Discipline and Consistency Lead to Success - Entrepreneurs Next Door

His personal success has been built through determination and perseverance, and he has found strength in the struggle. As a speaker, he focuses on the life lessons he extracted from the moments that have tested his boundaries. If there’s one thing he has learned and wish to communicate, it’s to always be true to who you are.

Discussing Entrepreneurship - Canadian SME Small Business Podcast

Josef is committed to philanthropy, investing in others, and giving back to disadvantaged youth through sharing his experience. He is a role model who dedicates his free time to helping disadvantaged youth develop skills to succeed in life and education. In this podcast, Josef, shared his journey, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, and above all how he maintains motivation when things get tough.

Josef Azam - The Stuph File program

Entrepreneur & philanthropist Josef Azam talks about the work he does to help those who are less fortunate to get a hand up, especially the youth.

The fight and fury in sports - Podcast #1

WBC Champion Adonis "Superman" Stevenson answers all your questions about sports and the fight game. His co-host, Josef Azam, a massive fight fan and entrepreneur, rounds off the duo bringing 2 different prospectives to sports.

How to start a business with ZERO money! - Podcast #2

Getting a business started is extremely hard. If you have no money its even harder. This podcast will give you tools to help your business get off the ground starting from nothing!

Should you be an entrepreneur? - Podcast #1

In this podcast Josef Azam covers the topic of whether you should go into business or not. Most businesses fail because individuals go into them with the wrong goals and expectations. Find out what tools you need to get started and increase your chance to become successful.


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