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On the road to running a profitable business, you simply can’t skip the learning curve; you have to use it to grow. Not all decisions turn out as planned, but I believe that setting clear goals for yourself and for your business enables you to rise above all obstacles. Through my business seminars, I focus on key topics that aim to convert struggles into successes.

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Business May 2, 2019 - Montreal, Canada
YES Montreal – Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Invited guest speakers from finance, tech and business captivated a full house at SAP Labs with tales of personal successes and “failforwards”, advice on how to secure financing for tech startups and insight into the future of Montreal’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Q&A with Joe Azam – Episode 2

Business 0:54 - 3 years ago

Areas of expertise

I aim to educate in these domains by speaking from experience.


Great digital marketing takes discipline. And just like a fitness journey, it’s important to set goals in order to truly understand ROI.


You get out what you put in. As Muhammad Ali once said, “Don't count the days. Make the days count.” Enough said.

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