Finding strength

In 2007, I co-founded Design Shopp, a Montreal-based marketing and web agency. As a business owner coming from humble beginnings, having risen to managing a successful business, I realize that success is not something we own. Success is a constant work in progress with no room for complacency. In a way, success is only leased, and we pay rent through hard work and perseverance in order to maintain it.

Shape your world

I have strong values by which I live my life. I am compelled to help others and to motivate them on their journeys with the knowledge that I have gained through mine. I have developed a unique approach to running a business through honouring my core values, which has led me to break industry barriers and has allowed me to generate over 1.5 billion dollars in sales for my clients.


Find strength in the struggle and let it fuel your inner fire to succeed.

Find strength in the struggle and let it fuel your inner fire to succeed.

Time well invested

Through my work as CEO/President of Design Shopp, a teacher at John Abbott College and a regular guest speaker at YES Montreal as well as being president and on the board of different organizations, I invest in others as I invest in myself. Giving back through my work and motivating others to do the same is a cycle that fuels my inner fire to succeed and lead in the workplace.

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If you’re interested in booking a seminar with me, let’s connect. Tell me which of my areas of expertise interest you, and I can create a customized discussion plan that is tailored to your needs.

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