Finding my formula through physical fitness

Training regularly allows me to keep my goals in check and is part of the mechanism that drives me to succeed. Through my seminars, I discuss the  importance of physical fitness and how it should be an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle.

Transform your body, transform your mind

Training enables me to aim higher, as it provides me with the energy I need to be present for my family and to honour my commitments; coaching my son’s wrestling and soccer teams, running a business, teaching classes, and conducting my speaking series. The discipline it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle translates into my work ethic. When I speak about fitness and motivation, I cover topics that range from setting benchmarks, to learning from mistakes, to staying motivated.

From Struggle Comes Success — Inspirational Video

Leadership-motivation 3:33 - 6 years ago

Areas of expertise

I aim to educate in these domains by speaking from experience.



Great digital marketing takes discipline. And just like a fitness journey, it’s important to set goals in order to truly understand ROI.


As someone who started from the bottom and now leads a business that has grossed over $1.5 billion in sales for its clients, I cover useful business topics that are relevant to newcomers and MVPs alike.

Get in touch with me

If you’re interested in booking a seminar with me, let’s connect. Tell me which of my areas of expertise interest you, and I can create a customized discussion plan that is tailored to your needs.

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In my latest podcast, I cover the hot topics you want to know about; business, lifestyle, balance. Here’s what I think.

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